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Moving Again!

It was a constant struggle back in 2011 when the America album was being recorded as well as some gospel tracks produced for the Philippines. The recording studios were in houses we were renting and in come cases 2 people could barely stand in the same room at the same time if one was tracking guitars...

Never enough good equipment!

In 2009 we had 1 Pro Tools 002 rig, one $300 Blue vocal mic, one acoustic guitar, one electric, and a mix bag of drum equipment.

God has brought us far in that time.

But what a blessing!

Joshua 24:14

October 2015

Blue Line Graphics puts for 60's-70's CD design for SRMC's debut ablum.

Pslam 119:37

March 2016

World renown mastering engineer Pete Doell to master SRMC debut album

Although we have very limited resources, we provide recording services for up and coming songwriters.  Click here to submit a track. If you have questions you can go to the Contact Us page, post your questions and someone will get back to you.



Salvation Rock Music Company's  provide recording services to burgeoning songwriters and performers. 

Since 2009 SRMC has been recording artists in the Southern California area.

Hello and welcome to Salvation Rock Music Company's web page. We are a small boutique music production services company located in Southern California.

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01 January 2016

Pro Audio to do cabling/infrastructure on studio

Romans 8:28

Come in!

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Salvation Rock Music Company

The Early Days...

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